Years ago, in search of a non-potato, stuffing, turkey layered casserole recipe, I found a Campbell’s soup recipe that looked promising.  I jus...

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Turkey Tortellini Soup


It’s officially the day after Halloween and you know what that means!  Preparations for Christmas are in order.  All the stores are selling th...

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The Day After Halloween


Recently, we added a new “Wall of Honor” to our home. It’s a wall to show off (and organize!) our kids homework and artwork.  I was...

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Wall of Honor


Today’s post is dedicated to the little things we enjoy each day.  For lunch, Laney-Lou, my four-year-old, asks for a “smmooooothie!̶...

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The Little Things


I’m really excited to share this new Halloween craft with you, to add a little glitter to your spooky Halloween decor!  They are super easy and qui...

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Halloween Glitter Bottles


Royal chicken crepes?  I thought crepes were a breakfast food filled with strawberries not chicken…  But these crepes are for dinner and they&...

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Royal Chicken Crepes


Our house may never be company-ready, but it is full of fairy-magic!  Maybe it’s because we love books about magical things, or because we beli...

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Fall Fairies